My HNG-8.0 Journey Starts Now

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” says a classic Chinese saying, and I am about to take my first step.


HNG Internship is a large-scale virtual internship for people learning to code and design that has been running for a long time. It concentrates on the post-training phase and provides participants with a virtual work environment.

The Internship is designed to bring the top individuals to the surface from a vast pool of applicants. It’s fast-paced and demanding, and it teaches people how to work in groups, handle pressure, and swiftly broaden their knowledge.


I’m participating in this internship on the DevOps track to help me learn and polish my DevOps skills while also networking with other developers who have similar interests or are on a different route.


During this internship, I am interested in a variety of activities, including networking, collaborating, pair programming, and many more.

It’s not my first time participating in this internship, as I was a part of the intern during HNG 7.0 (Backend Track) and made it to stage 8–9. I’m pretty thrilled 😊 about that since, despite not making it to the final round, I learned a lot.

I am aware of the pressure and YES I'm ready. 🙌


Introduction to Figma

Git and GitHub



I’m excited about the new adventure ahead.




Software Developer | Technical Writer | Content Creator |

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Olubisi Idris Ayinde

Olubisi Idris Ayinde

Software Developer | Technical Writer | Content Creator |

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